Our mission’s strategy is directly related to the overall mission, vision, and values of our church. As we strive to “connect our community to Christ,” we realize that it is Christ that binds people together all over the planet. It is his irresistible love and compassion that guarantees our salvation through our faith alone in him. As a response to the Great Commission, we are intentionally focusing on the command of Christ to “go” and reach people for the gospel, to share that love and compassion is real and tangible ways that help connect all people to the community of Christ.

When we take a mission trip, there are four types of trips we focus on:


Serve others in ways that build, strengthen, repair, or improve the community as an intentional strategy for reaching people for Christ and connecting them with a local body of believers.


Equip the local church, her leaders, and especially the pastors of churches to reach their community through education, encouragement, training, and development.


Evangelism through VBS, door-to-door, prayer walking neighborhoods, Jesus film, and other high-level intentional gospel centered events and activities that help build community and point people toward the body of Christ.


Addressing the community through the teaching and proclamation of God’s Word for his heart for the widow, the orphan, the pre-born, and the exploited. These trips will have an intentional focus on issues regarding the sanctity of human life, sexual exploitation including human trafficking and prostitution, orphan care, care for the elderly and widowed, and more.

Missions Support

In addition to trips, our church allocates 25% of our budget to support missions all over the globe! Here are a list of global missions partners, missionaries, and organizations that we support financially


Kerri Howell in Alaska – www.akmissions.com

Indigenous Amazon Ministries(Peru)

Frontier’s (Middle East)


Faith Lamb (Africa)

The Graham Family (Undisclosed Location)

Matthew Fisher(Mexico)

Redeemer Church (Dubai) (UAE)