Online Giving

We believe that giving is both an act of worship and an act of obedience. God has invited us to participate in his mission to share the Gospel with people @home, @community, @work, and @large.

Like every other endeavor, resources are required to execute plans, pay the bills, and make purchases for the various ministry needs we have each month. Technological advances have provided us with unique opportunities to worship through giving.

There are several opportunities for you to support the ministry of The Church at Cane Island

Give Online

Give Securely Online via Check Cards, Debit Cards, or e-checks.* One time or recurring options are available. This is the most convenient option for many people. That convenience comes at a cost of 2.5% for Check Cards, Debit Cards and 1% for ACH or e-check transactions, which is usually passed on to the church. However, you will notice a check box in the secure form that provides you with the opportunity to reduce the fee charged to the church by 1%, thus allowing more of your gift to go to the ministries of the church. Please prayerfully consider this option with your gift; it would be a real blessing to us!

Click Here to Give Online

Text Giving

In just seconds you can give by texting (832) 210-3639. After the initial set up, you can simply text an amount from anywhere at anytime.

At Church

Each Sunday morning, we include opportunities to give as part of our worship service- come and join us!

* We have made a decision to not accept tithes and offerings via credit card transactions. We are certain that many people use credit cards responsibly, we are likewise aware that many others do not. Because credit cards are essentially cash advances, we feel that as a church we should not tempt people to tithe on resources that might actually increase their debt through interest. Thus, from a stewardship point of view we have elected to not accept credit cards as a form of gift toward the general budget of The Church at Cane Island.